About Us

Hart Software Inc.
708 Centre Ave.
Reading, PA 19601
Phone: 800.735.1070 or 610.372.1966
Fax: 610.372.8929

Lynn Hart, is a hands-on President. His background in software programming for the credit industry provided the right ingredients to launch the company in 1989. Several years after the launch, the company expanded by moving to a "conventional" office building. In the Spring of 2001, the company moved into a larger space in the Historic District of Reading, overlooking the Monopoly game's "Reading Railroad". During the Fall of 2004 additional space for employees and the ever-increasing technology demand for our customized services demanded yet another move to our current location a few blocks away.

Our Company Philosophy is amazingly simple:

That's it. That simple philosophy has enabled us to gain and maintain the confidence of customers country-wide.

Although our company's environment has changed significantly over the years, one thing hasn't: Our desire to provide effective, innovative, and affordable means of access to the credit bureaus' databases, supported by friendly, knowledgeable personnel. We believe we will be held accountable for our actions one day, and therefore we desire to conduct business with integrity and excellence. Lynn takes pride in the products and services we offer here - after all, his name's on them!