Frequently Asked Questions are listed questions and answers, the term refers to an assembled list of many questions and their answers.

How do I set up my user names and passwords?

Why do I sometimes get a screen that says I need to decide whether to "review" or "repull" a report?

Why is the report printing off to the side and how can I fix it?

Why do I see "this page cannot be displayed" when going to your web site?

Can I save the reports I've pulled in another file?

Can a user (not an administrator) review previously pulled reports?

Can a previously pulled report be printed or reprinted?

Will your system alert me if my company has already pulled the same report?

Can the account be set up to be able to change the End User?

What is decisioning?

What if my company uses more than one bureau subscriber code?

Can my New York office have access to the information in my Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles locations?