A denial letter can be printed immediately or queued into batch for later processing. We can create a custom denial letter that includes specific information from your input, from the credit report, and from the credit decision. These letters can be printed at your site, or you can use our letter processing service. We can print, stuff, and mail your letters.

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This screen shot shows a sample denial letter. The consumer's personal data was pre-filled from the input information. Text boxes give you the flexibility to change or add more information. You can select your adverse action reasons from a list that can be customized to your specifications. Once you have selected and entered all necessary data, click the produce letter button and your denial letter will be formatted and ready to print.


Down below you will see some very general screen shots of our more popular products. These screen shots are purely examples, as most customers prefer to have their own look. Also, keep in mind that all of these products and solutions can be combined into one easy to read format for a clean and uniform look.