Licensed and Certified by SecureWorks Corporation

Hart Software is designated a SecureWorks Certified Enterprise by SecureWorks Corporation, a leading internet security assurance company. SecureWorks Certification demonstrates an organization's achievement of a sound and proactive program for security and integrity. "The SecureWorks designation is a major accomplishment that we're very pleased about. It reflects our commitment to the security of our systems, and our customers' data. As a leading provider of access to the three Credit Repositories - Trans Union, Experian and Equifax - we must provide such access safely. Ultimately, the privacy of individuals whose applications are being run through our access paths is at stake. We take that very seriously."- Lynn Hart.

What are other benefits our customers receive from being SecureWorks certified? They utilize systems that are not only secure and reliable, but are more efficient and flexible. That means our customers have access to more innovative products because we are liberated to develop them under more aggressive e-strategies. To be certified under this program, Hart Software completed all phases of the SecureWorks certification process, which addresses the following:

The SecureWorks Enterprise security solution provides a unique program for assuring the ongoing security of critical systems and information. This program sets the standard for the secure conduct of e-business and demonstrates Hart Software's commitment to safeguarding its own information assets as well as those of its partners and customers. For more information about SecureWorks visit their website: