Voice Response Unit (VRU)

Our VRU technology "reads" key information to the user over the phone. The system allows the customer to use their cell phone or land line for the inquiry - PC, software and internet access are not required. This application is the perfect solution when access to a PC is not always feasible. The VRU system facilitates instant approvals for kiosk, tent-sale, in-home or other types of sales at remote locations. The system requires minimal training, and the decisioning results are consistent and available instantly - 24 hours a day.

Using sophisticated text-to-speech synthesis, the system announces the predefined results to the user and a copy of the full report is instantly available on our web site for review and processing. Optionally, the report can also be faxed to a predetermined fax number.. This could be a score (or "Approved", "Need Deposit", etc.) for example.


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